Want your C3 speedo with kph on the Outside?

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Want your C3 speedo with kph on the Outside?

Postby mysticpete » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:17 am

Hi all

As you are probably aware the kph marking on the C3 speedo face are pretty small and I found it was easy to be going over the speed limit without realising it. I already had a stick on set of dial gauges that have a white face which I purchased from http://www.whiteguages.net but my viewing angle/steering wheel and eyesight wasn't quite good enough to see the inner kph on the face that well, so anyway the helpful guys over at whiteguages.net have made-up a set of dial gauges with kph on the outside of the dial, they also come in different colour faces.

So if your an everyday C3 driver like me and want kph instead of mph on the outside dial face then these guys have your answer.

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