(Steel) fuel tank repairs

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(Steel) fuel tank repairs

Postby australi » Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:39 am

(Steel) fuel tank repairs…Continued from post at:

http://www.australiancorvettesassociati ... d0879#7272

I have temporarily repaired my leaking C3 fuel tank yesterday (like; what ELSE can you DO on New years day?) with 'Permatex Fuel Tank Repair Kit' (now that I have that down on here, I can throw away the empty packet!). Picked it up on Sunday from 'AutoPro' on special; normally $37.95.

Works REALLY well; I removed the temporary temporary repair with screwdriver, cleaned the metal surface back up with sandpaper (Didn't want to risk, albeit remote, creating sparks by using a wire brush), then applied the putty that comes with the kit over the hole, which grabs really well, then followed procedures, laying the epoxy / polymer mix that comes in a packet over the putty, lay on the fibreglass tape, then cover with the rest of the mix.

NOTE: The mixed up product gets VERY HOT; I have never experienced any epoxy products get that hot; WEAR GLOVES! It ALSO goes off VERY quickly, so if anyone wants to go down the above path; don’t waste ANY time; get right to it...As it was the rest of the mix set before I could fully use the entire contents - wasting about 1/4 or at least 1/6th of it.

I ended up using all of it, as I discovered there were two more tiny leaks about an inch apart from the original!

The odd thing IS; that before I commenced this operation, I probed around the tank with one of those magnets on a steel flexible shaft; THINKING that it'd come up full of rust particles, but NO RUST WHATSOEVER came out! Very strange, because it SEEMS that the metal on the bottom of the tank is so thin that the more you sand in preparation for repair; the more holes come out!

AND after all that, when I poked my head under later to ensure that there were no leaks; I saw yet another tiniest leak; more like a vapour outlet than a leak...So having none of the above left; I tried some old 'QuikSteel' 2-part mix that I've had laying around for years and that seemed to grab very easily.

An alternative permanent (So long as no more holes develop) WOULD be to remove the tank and solder it, as mentioned by ‘Nifty’.

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